Bienvenue, 歡迎, Benvenuti, 환영, स्वागत हे, Wilkommen, Здравствуйте, Välkomna, and Welcome. Our community of unique individuals represent over 55 countries and encompass 190 cultures across the world.

From members in the "Top 25 under 20" by The Times to members training lions in Zimbabwe, we bring together great people separated by borders but who share common values in diversity and a unique perspective. We cannot wait for you to join our community of worldwide interconnectedness. Welcome to the generation of global nomads.

So what does a membership at Expat Society entail?

At the core of what we do, we host amazing events and provide our members with unique experiences. This can include anything from a killer party (we worked with Sony Pictures on the launch of the James Bond film, Spectre) to a group outing or activity (road trips, boxing, biking, art gallery visits, etc.).

The beauty of what we do is that we can host almost anything that our members find interesting or cool, all with the purpose of sparking connections and establishing life-long relationships in the community.

A digital platform built by our very own tech team in Los Angeles, the Expat Platform is a space for members to review their membership, order merchandise, RSVP to events, and many other benefits. Available for all members across the globe.

Access the platform here: Expat Platform


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