Los Angeles

Los Angeles — the city where it all began. What started as a tiny group of international citizens, all seeking a sense of belonging, soon grew to be an extended family of like-minded individuals, connected through a shared passion for the world.

In our books, we loosely use the term “expat” to cover anyone with a global curiosity or perspective. At the core, we are a community of lifelong friends, unaffected by the oceans and borders that often separate us. Strengthened by a common upbringing and appreciation for new experiences, Expat Society LA invites you to join our global community and to meet a group of unique and diverse individuals you are unlikely to meet anywhere else.

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Washington, D.C.

DC — Expat’s very first expansion beyond the West Coast. But Expat DC isn’t simply a copy-and-pasted version of our Los Angeles concept. Expat’s very first expansion initiative seeks to embed the creative, aspirational, and global society that has revolutionized LA into the context of the nation’s capital.

At Georgetown, everyone is constantly on the move — busy with setting in motion the next big thing. The traditional places for forging deep and lifelong connections, like school or college, appear stagnant, and often can’t keep up with our fast-paced lives. Encounters at Georgetown tend to be fleeting and haphazard. There’s little way to build on that initial meeting you have with “that cool person you pass so often” apart from really making an effort to meet up with them.

Enter — Expat DC.  We aspire to move with you, and to have a constant presence in wherever / whatever’s next on your path. Though our definition of Expat continues to evolve and is by no means found in the Oxford Dictionary, what we can tell you is this — Expat DC is inspiring, kinetic, and forward-thinking, all wrapped up in the nation’s capital. We welcome you onboard.

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Boston, MA

Boston — Expat’s next move on the East Coast. Expat Boston is taking the best of four years of innovation, creativity and community and bringing the revolution to a new zip code. Expat’s second expansion is a big step towards creating a global community of like-minded yet unique individuals.

In Boston, over 150,000 students throughout different campuses place curiosity and exploration as the heartbeat of this historic city. In our dynamic lives, however, more people around means it can be difficult to find your people. Constantly in motion, we often don’t take the time to build on relationships with people we meet in passing.

In a city full of people ready to connect, Expat is the missing link. We hope to ease the process for you to finally cross paths with the people you are looking for. As Expat continues to grow Boston aims to take off with it, building a diverse, adaptable, bold community in the ultimate college city. We invite you to check in.

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St Andrews, Scotland

Located on the coast of the North Sea, St Andrews is a charming, quaint university town with one of the most diverse student populations in Europe. Because of this, introductions at parties start the best conversations, connecting Zimbabwe with Singapore or Monaco with Vietnam. This formed the perfect backdrop for Expat Society St Andrews, the first international expansion.

Unlike any of the other 100+ organizations at St Andrews, Expat’s mantra is to connect and create a tight-knit community of students and foster genuine connections. With a focus on culture and upbringing, Expat’s roster of both intimate and luxe events such as Expat Table and Moulin Rouge set the bar even higher for bringing together like-minded people.