Create What’s Next
Expat Society has an unparalleled environment formed out of a shared interest in a diverse perspective, curiosity for the world, and a close-knit community. A home away from home, our society fosters genuine, life-long friendships across physical and digital spaces.

We are looking for the next generation of problem-solvers, creative thinkers, and global nomads to grow our network. Join us in building an Expat Society branch, which will be centered around a university, in your city.


> Unique opportunity to start a real venture with pre-existing traction

> Inspire, make a difference, and create something that matters

> Gain experience in real-world startup management and teamwork experiences

> Access to established brand and vision

> Support through tested structure and processes for operations and growth

> Tap into pool of resources from Los Angeles headquarters and work with us to propel Expat into the future

Worldwide Community
> Change your local environment for the better by establishing our global social network

> Build a lifelong community by merging together the physical and digital worlds

> Help to bring people, who wouldn’t have otherwise crossed paths, together

Want to create what’s next?
Reach out to our expansion team at