Our Vision
The Expat Society is an international network of expats, mobile citizens, global nomads, & friends. We bring together great people from all over the world who, while often separated by borders and oceans, share a common upbringing that values diversity, worldly perspective, as well as a taste for great events and good times.

Our aim is to build on the international exposure and connection many of us feel attached to, all the while inviting others to join our global community. At the very core, we are a group of friends who find comfort and understanding in each others' cultural backgrounds. By merging the physical and digital world, we hope to build on an unbreakable community that extends around the globe and brings together like-minded individuals.

”Am I An Expat?”
An Expat is a global citizen, a cosmopolitan, an international. We loosely use the term 'expat' to cover anyone with global curiosity or perspective. Our aim is to build on the international exposure and connection many of us fostered in school, while inviting others to join our global community. So, if you're reading this, then yes - you're likely an expat. At least in our book.

Our flagship is in Los Angeles, with our first expansion in the east coast at Washington, D.C. and the second arriving in Boston, MA. 

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Global Team

Lena Altaffer
Tiffany Chen   
Rahul Bapna
Pedro Salles Leite
Sidney Jaet

Eliza Popa
Jazz Advaney
Annie Wang

LA Team

Pedro Salles Leite
Isabella Morgan
VP Technology
Alejandro Garcia
VP Events
Line Szegedi Jess
VP Strategy
Julian Lopez Birlain
VP Operations

Padelis Deligiannis
Event Manager
Jimena Gonzalez Orcajo
Events Manager
Nicolas Perez
Tech Apprentice

DC Team

Arthur Manset
Teodora Lancaster
Vice President
Candis Ferrell
Tobias Reimann-Dubbers
Isabella Zimmerman

Anne-Isabelle de Bokay
Sofia Piedrahita
Sara Fares
Nick Kanavos
Deputy Events

BOS Team

Vittorio Martina di Cornegliano
Anzel Knouni
Vice President
Dani Kandelman
Vice President
Amanda Sakkari
Social Media + Photo
Daniel Dreval
Event Manager

Lorenzo Pignataro
Edoardo Viani
Isk Mah
Anjali Mahbubani
Event Producer
Beth Moerler
Event Producer

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